The real Thunder Bae! 

Okay so I went back to Thunder Bay, this time with Patrick. And we had an AMAZING time. Seriously. Who knew there was this much to do in the Great White North?? We went on Canada’s longest suspension bridge, mined some amethyst (Patrick’s a natural) and we relaxed (finally). Here’s our weekend in pictures! Oh, we also got stuck in the airport but that’s okay, we had fun anyway! 

Our St.Kitts Adventure! 

Okay, so we know this is super delayed but we are still SO excited to share all of the fun things we did while travelling and visiting Patrick’s hometown of St.Kitts & Nevis. 

Don’t forget to listen to the podcast on St. Kitts before reading this post (or after) , to hear about the trip in detail! 

Part ONE –

Part TWO – 

On to the pictures! 

Getting off the plane!
A relaxing afternoon (aka every afternoon)
Pizza, coffee and anime watching!
Port Zante!
Smiles & Sunsets
A beautiful sunset at Salt Plage
The lighting was so good!
An amazing meal.
Getting ready!
Dinner on the beach.
Driving to the beach

Pokemon and Piers 

This was last nights view while playing PokemonGo with Patrick, my brother, and his girlfriend Shelly. 

Without talking too much about how much it’s taking over my life (why are the servers down right now??),  it’s been a very fun source of activity and dare I say – exercise!!! 

Anyway, I caught a Jigglypuff last night so lifeeeee is goooood. Here’s a few pictures of us with some Pokemon! 

Sister, Roommate, Friend.

For the past 3 years, (Since summer ’13) I’ve been living with my younger sister in an apartment in the North York area of Toronto. Since then, we have become even closer, not only as siblings but as friends. We’ve learnt and laughed and cried together and in 2 weeks. All of that is going to change.

She will be going to Georgia to finish her degree (Just your regular 21 yr old math prodigy) and I couldn’t be more proud. What made me especially happy is that she had the chance to get to know Amanda fairly well before she leaves. They are very much alike and very different at the same time and both are great examples of what a genuinely good person looks like.

For some odd reason I don’t have a picture of them both together but My sister celebrated her 21st birthday recently so I thought I would share a photo of that!